Bailey, Lately


     Hi guys! This is one of my favorite posts to do every month. Bailey grows and changes so fast, that it's nice to reflect on those changes, even though it can be a little bittersweet. The joy I get in seeing her evolve is far greater than the sadness of it all. It's just part of being a mama!


- Bailey has been showing her needs better, especially where Netflix is involved. She shows us what she wants to watch by pointing and "scrolling" in the air like you would with a touchscreen.

- She is also starting to communicate through words more efficiently. If she tries to tell us something by crying or gesturing, we just say "use your words!" and she gives it a shot!

- She has started her swim lessons, and each time she gets better and better. Last week, she went under the water for the first time!

- Speaking of water, Bailey has been attempting to dump her bath water on her head like we do when we rinse her hair. However, she still freaks when I pour the water on her head...

- Bailey has been involving herself in my shoots for this here blog! You might have noticed little hands in some shots, particularly food ones.

- She has been eating pretty much anything she can get her hands on, and attempting to get hold of spicy things. I know better than to go down that road though, unless I want an inconsolable baby on my hands.

- Bailey has been very content to sleep on the couch. As in, once she's asleep it's very hard to move her any where else.

- She is embracing those nearing terrible two's (2 weeks away!). Really though, we've been in that stage since she could walk. LOL

- The quickest way to get her to smile, is by getting her some milk and then saying "I'm gonna get you" so that she starts to run away, and then she lets you catch her. First though, as you are getting the milk, she mumbles "I gon get you" before you start chasing her.