To Create a Travel Capsule Wardrobe


     Hey there! In lieu of our Denver trip, I decided the easiest way to pack is to just create another capsule wardrobe! A lot of people do this specifically for traveling, because it makes packing light easy, and you don't have to worry about your outfits. You basically pack a few things that all work together for multiple scenarios, and then add in a few accessories and pairs of shoes that go with each outfit. My suitcase will contain what you see above, and your basics like underwear and PJ's. Check out my packing list below!


- 3 tops (one dressy, one t, and one sweater)

- 2 pairs of jeans (one high rise skinny, and one crop flare)

- 1 dress (a grey t-shirt style, comfy but cute)

- 1 moto jacket (literally goes with anything)

- 3 pairs of shoes (low-heel pumps, sneakers, and cute flats)

- 1 shoulder/cross body bag (side note: I'm bringing a large tote for the road trip as well)

- 1 pair of sunglasses (duh)

- 1 bracelet (not pictured: the copper necklace I'm bringing that my BFF stole!)

      I'm also bringing this red lip creme (shade is Cherry Skies) to bring some color and boldness into the mix, since all of my clothes are neutral in this instance. I am getting so excited for this trip, I can hardly wait! Have a great day!