To Style Your Bookcase - Progress


     Hi guys! There are a lot of challenges that come with living with a small child. Possibly the most annoying one though, is having a bookcase. I have a lot of books, and love displaying them. However, Bailey loves ruining them, so it's not feasible to keep them in our living room for show. The living room is one of Bailey's favorite play areas, and it also didn't seem fair to her to only have my books on there, when it can easily be incorporated with her things. We opted to give her the three bottom shelves, and I get to keep a few of my favorite books on the top two shelves. It really is a win/win, I just wish I could have all of my books out where I can see them everyday, instead of on their own large book shelf in our office. One day, they'll get to shine, but for the moment, I had to style our bookcase to fit both Bailey and I's needs and tastes.

     The photo above isn't a very high quality one, but you get the idea. I tried to pull out a few of her nice looking toys to style her shelves with, and I put a few of my favorite things on my shelves, to keep it personal. The bins at the bottom are life savers for all of Bailey's little things that she likes to tote around. We keep mainly small board books and blocks in those. I actually did a toy purge a few weeks ago and got rid of everything that she dumped out, but didn't technically play with. It saved my sanity, and got Bailey way more interested in really playing with her toys. Below are few of my favorite inspirations from Pinterest for styling bookshelves. There are just so many possibilities! I'll report back soon with a full living room update!