To Hang Up Your Air Plants


     Hi guys! Finding creative solutions to our ever-growing (pun intended) plant collection has become a huge part of my decorating list for our house. I love smaller plants, like air plants, succulents, and cacti. This makes accumulation and hoarding happen very rapidly. Of course, I accidentally kill some of them, so it's almost like a natural selection for our plants. Although, once one dies, I immediately try and find a new one, so the collection size remains consistent.

     In the past, I have made a few plant hangers and they are my number one option for holding air plants. When you hang plants from the ceiling, it magically makes them unreachable for toddlers! Muahahaha! Part of having a kid is constantly trying to outsmart them, so I've won this one for now. Bailey doesn't even notice these when they are hung up, she's too focused on what's directly in front of her. I made this specific holder for the one air plant that I keep in our bedroom. It's the tallest one I have and really stands out on it's own, so I wanted to make something that would highlight that, instead of just keeping it on my window sill with the other objects I collect. See how to make it below!


- air dry clay

- twine

- paint

- something to poke holes with

Side note: I didn't end up using the black paint pictured, but kept it in the original photo since it would still be a fun idea to add little designs on the planter!


Step one - Go ahead and take a handful of clay, and roll it out completely flat. Cut out the corners to create a cross shape.

Step two - Fold up each side to create a open top box. You can pinch each corner together at the top so that it will stay standing up, or you can try to prop the sides up while it dries. Poke holes at the top of each side for your twill to lace through. Let dry for at least 12 hours.

Step three - Once dry, paint to your liking! I just spray painted mine a clean white for a simple and minimal look.

Step four - Cut four pieces of twine at and equal length, and make sure you give enough extra twine to each piece, so that in the end it won't hang shorter that you anticipated. You can always trim off the excess later! Loop each piece of twine through a hole on each side, knotting each individually as you go.

Step five - Gather the knotted loops of twine together and tie in one large knot to bring them all together. To hang, simply slide whatever hook you are using into the knot and it will hold. Happy crafting!