To Make a Knife Holder


     Hey there! Having a toddler has it's challenges, but the one I struggle with most is thinking ahead. I've always been the type of person to live in the present. I don't do to-do lists for each day until it's that day. The only thing I plan ahead for is this blog, because otherwise it won't be as good as I want it to be. So, I plan out shoots and posts, but that's really it. With a toddler, you have to pay attention to how fast they are growing, and accommodate that. This is especially hard since I dread (but also love) how fast Bailey is growing up. It's always bittersweet when we realize how tall she is and what she can reach. A few weeks ago, we realized she can easily reach the counter tops in our kitchen, and this meant she could definitely reach our utensil drawer, which are very hard to get baby locks on. Guess what was in our utensil drawer?! Knives of course! I am SO GLAD we caught this, because I can't imagine the heart attack that would ensue when she would find those knives.

     Getting to the point though, we needed a solution, and fast. Previously we had just planned on buying a knife block, but we literally only have three sharp knives. Also, I had seen this DIY over on A Beautiful Mess and was inspired. I went a different direction with mine, but theirs is super cute too! I wanted something that fit my aesthetic more. I loved putting a whimsical little print on this, and it took less than five minutes! Side note: the photo shows Bailey and I putting packing peanuts in there, but I ended up using black beans. We only did the packing peanuts for the photo because Bailey wouldn't leave the shoot alone, and I was not about to have her trying to stick the black beans up her nose. LOL #toddlerprobs


- a vase, glass or ceramic, that's large/tall enough to hold your knives

- 2 packages of dried (uncooked) black beans

- sharpie or marker of any color you'd like


Step one - Mark your vessel with whatever design you want, and then let dry. I did the print above by just doing short, quick, parallel lines scattered in all directions.

Step two - Fill your vase with black beans, and stick your knives in. The beans will hold them up straight. Have fun!