To Go Thrifting!


     Hey there! After a quick thrifting trip to Salvation Army last weekend, I realized I wanted to share some of the gems I've found in the past at thrift stores! Thrift stores are gold mines for cool and quirky objects and clothing. It takes some practice, because you have to learn how to hunt for the right things, but this is what I've ended up loving most about it! It's unexpected, and it's awesome when you find something really special. It's also inexpensive, which is awesome for a would be hoarder like me. The only way I haven't become a hoarder is because I donate a lot of items once I'm not in love with them anymore. Pictured above is a little golden pineapple that I couldn't leave the store without.

     I finally bought a cake stand! They had quite a few of these at Salvation Army, but I resisted and only bought one for a special little girl's 2 year old birthday party coming up. :)

      I got super lucky with this set of mugs. It's usually hard to find complete sets of things at thrift stores, especially in one of your favorite colors. These peach ones are very photogenic, and not damaged at all, which is also lucky!