For Poncho's


     Hey readers! First, I think we should just acknowledge the happiness of the photo above. It is impossible to get a photo like that of Bailey, mostly because if she's smiling that big, she's not pausing to take photo's. Thanks to my older sister, Hannah, having bought possibly the cutest poncho in the world (s/o to Old Navy!), we now have Bailey's first Baby Style photo shoot. It's not a very extensive collection of photos, mostly because toddlers move to much to take good photos. However, at this particular venue (Shelter Gardens in Columbia), there were small bridges and ramps like the one pictured above. Bailey loves running up and down the slight inclines, and just so happens to stop at the top every time to giggle. THIS NEVER HAPPENS ANYWHERE ELSE.

Old Navy  Poncho  and Boots (no longer available). Thanks Auntie Hannah!

Old Navy Poncho and Boots (no longer available). Thanks Auntie Hannah!

     What's pictured in Bailey's most perfect shoot to date, is a one room schoolhouse located in the Gardens that kids can run around in and check out. Bailey had been at least once before, but wasn't quite as active then. The whole time we were there, she just ran on the sidewalks like they were a track. It was adorable, and we definitely achieved the goal of the trip, which was to get cute photos and get her outside while it was still 50 degrees! Just look at that little girl opening doors, it doesn't get much better. Ok, time to go cry now, have a great Monday!