To Make Gifts


     Hi there! Today, I wanted to share one of the gifts I made for Christmas this year! It's for one of my friends, and I won't say who, but this little ring dish was inspired by their love of crystals. It's slightly shaped like one, and I was very tempted to just keep it for myself. Luckily, I can always recreate it whenever I please. The beauty of being a maker! Anyways, get the how-to below!


- air-dry clay

- a rolling pin + a cutting utensil, like a butter knife

- white paint + a brush

- glaze

- a small bowl of water for slip

(I pictured a stamp here, because I was going to make a stamped version originally, but go ahead and stamp away if you like!)


1. Roll out a golf ball sized ball of clay. Cut out whatever shape you want the base of your ring dish to be.

2. Cut out sides for your dish from the scraps of the base. Attach by pressing your side piece along the side of your base, and seal with water along the seams.

3. Using water and your cutting utensil, line up the ends of your sides at the same angle as the other sides it touches. This will create a seamless wall along all sides of your dish.

4. Seal off all and smooth the tops of your walls and the visible part of the base, all with water. Let dry overnight.

5. Paint your desired color and let dry. Paint on glaze if you like, and gift away!