For Pinning / December


      Hi there! This month's pins all seem to have a common thread of light tones. During the winter, and the darkness it brings, I guess it makes sense to pine for lightness. Ironically, the washed out color of a constantly overcast sky is what creates the clear but dramatic light in most of these pins. It's a light that's soft, compared to direct sunlight, and it's one of those silver linings that are a constant companion in the winter months. In the months ahead, I hope to put that soft light to good use in creating images for this space. Read on to see my favorite pins from the month of December!


      I specifically pinned this outfit because I asked for a black floral maxi dress for Christmas (and received one, thanks mom and dad!), and have been pinning ways to style it. As long as I end up looking half as cool as this in mine, I'm good.


       Like I said above, I've been very drawn to light tones lately, and the allure of bringing that into decor is no exception. This bedroom is #goals.

     This packaging, and it's simplicity, is my new inspiration for homemade products. Amber glass everything!

     I'm still just hoping for enough snow to go frolic in, rationality and hatred of cold be damned!

     Just so everyone knows, I am on the side of people who leave their indoor lights up year round. I just can't bear to put them away when they make our living room so magical in the evenings throughout the year!

     Thanks for reading, and have a fun Wednesday!