For Design Appreciation


       Hi there! Today's Design Appreciation is all about the beautiful packaging of Simply Gum! 

       This gum is the perfect example of clean, modern design. To start, the simple white background set against a contrasting black font and the photo of ginger keeps the focus on the natural flavor you are getting. 

       I also love the square box shape. It sets the gum apart from the usual rectangle packaging of almost any other brand of gum.  

      Lastly, the ingredients and nutrition factors on the backside of the packaging are fairly innovative. The ingredients being so few makes for a fun design challenge. How do you fill space with little to say? Well they do it in the very cool way of having small blocks of the 6 ingredients photographed and presented in a neat line, while listing them below. This way, you can literally see what you are getting, which is so rare nowadays! All that's left is a small nutrition box, and you've got "simply gum". One last cool feature I didn't think to photograph was the gum wrappers they include seperately inside to deposit your used gum in before tossing! So genius! 

      Thanks for reading, and enjoy this snowy (at least here in the Midwest!) Sunday!