To Make a Serving Tray


     Good morning! I'm sharing one of my favorite DIY's to date with you all today! I've been in love with little serving trays, and just decorative trays in general, for a little while now. They have so many excellent uses, from being a centerpiece in the middle of my dining table to being the perfect thing that makes my morning coffee a little more special. I'm always hunting for them at thrift stores and flea markets, and even Targets' dollar section. With the holidays coming up, I thought it's about time I make one of those pretty leather-handled ones for myself. Randomly, I had wood slabs that were meant to be put up as shelves, and I realized they were ideal to make a serving tray out of. All it took was a little elbow grease and creativity to assemble this guy. Get the how-to below!


- "18 x "12 finished piece of wood (go to any hardware store and they will cut a piece for you, or buy a shelf, up to you!)

- nails

- gold tacks

- a hammer

- faux leather or real leather scraps (either will work, but fair warning, the real leather will be a lot harder to cut through)


1. Cut your leather scraps into two 6" x 1" strips.

2. If you are using real leather, use a nail to get through the leather before you hammer your gold tacks in. To do so, position your strips evenly spaced on your wood. Hammer a nail through the leather, just enough to where it makes a mark on the wood underneath. Remove the nail, and place your tack through the hole, and hammer into the wood. Repeat on the other end of the leather strip, and then again with the other handle. If you are using faux leather, the tack should go through without the help of the nail.

3. Make sure your handles are secure, and enjoy!

Thanks for reading, and have a fun Thursday!