To Make Servers


     Hello! Friendsgiving is this Saturday, so I've been prepping all week. One of the important things to remember when hosting a large meal like this is to have the proper serveware. There's no point in delicious food if there's nothing to dish it out with! I've had these wooden servers for awhile, but wanted to make them a little more special for the big day, so I painted them and did a mudcloth pattern to suit my taste. Check out the DIY below!


- a pair of servers

- white acrylic paint

- paint brush

- Sharpie or any other permanent marker




1. Paint a block of white at the end of each handle of your servers. Let dry.

2. Pick a pattern you like and print it, centered, on the white block of your handle with your Sharpie. With wooden servers, you don't have to worry about sealing it since they aren't dishwasher friendly, but if you are using any other type of material, seal it with a waterproof sealant that they sell at most craft stores.