For Art Appreciation


      Good morning! For today's art appreciation, we are going to look at two little drawing I did a couple of years ago. They are so old in fact, that the sharpie I used on one has faded to red from lift exposure. So weird! Anyways, they are titles "Les Etoiles" which is French for the stars, and "La Lune" which is French for the moon.  


      I used pen for the first one, and love the daintiness of the stars. I had thought about doing a particular constellation, but just ended up doing a random pattern instead. 


     See the red! That was all black at first, but I guess the sharpie faded so much that it brought it down to the red tones in the ink. I still love it though, mostly because I've always loved crescent moons. It reminds me of the Cheshire Cats smile from Alice in Wonderland.  

      Thanks for reading, and have a great Sunday!