To Make Earrings


     Good morning! I've been wanting to make some sort of earring for awhile, so I searched around to get inspired, and ultimately wound up choosing to do a ceramic minimal pair. I always have an abundance of air-dry clay, and I wanted to stay within my minimalistic aesthetic, which is always pretty pared down when it comes to earrings. For day to day, I prefer a basic stud shape, mostly because anything dangly gets tangled in my hair, which doesn't need anymore tangles. With this pair, I wanted some sort of shape to add a little visual interest, and came up with a simple circle design. That's enough context for a pair of earrings I think, now onto the DIY!


- old pair of studs with backings, or you can purchase new supplies from craft stores

- air-dry clay

- a shaping tool of some sort


Step one - Take two tiny pea-sized piece of clay, and press flat against an even surface using your thumb. Round off the edges with your shaping tool.

Step two - Press your old studs into the clay, and center with the shape.

Step three - Seal your studs onto your design by taking two patch size pieces of clay, fitting to your shape. Press your patch onto the back of your studs, just under the post, and using a little bit of water, seal the seams where your design and patch meet.

Step four - Let dry overnight. Paint if you want, and enjoy!

     Thanks for reading! Have a great day!