Made My Month / October


     Hi there! October is nearing its close, so it's time to recognize the things that made this month special. Starting with our little outing to Peach Tree Farms (above). The farm had so many activities for Bailey to explore. There was a child sized hay bale maze, goats to feed, a random teepee to check out, and a few pumpkin patches to wander through. It was the perfect way to celebrate fall!



     Another great way to acknowledge fall is by eating all of the pumpkin things. My favorites were these pumpkin cream cheese cake ball truffles and the pumpkin biscuits I made at the start of the month (recipe in the Recipes category at the top of the page!). 


      The next fun thing was making this leather-handled serving tray. I love using it to elevate my coffee experience. It makes my coffee routine a little more special to set it up on the tray and serve it to myself LOL. The DIY will hit the blog next month! 


        Then, I had the chance to visit the Les Beourgois vineyards on the Missouri River! This was the first time I'd been to the winery, and it was just gorgeous.  


      The next day, we ventured down to Arkansas for my dad's birthday! When I first moved away from home, one of the hardest things for me was missing those special events that I had been there for my entire life. I'm so happy that I'm at a place where I don't have to miss those things anymore. Getting to be there to celebrate my dad as a whole family again was the most special thing for me.  


      Lastly, and on a more lighthearted and less significant but equally fun note, October brought with it a chill in the air. This means sweaters! Yay!!!

     Thanks for reading! Have a fun Friday!!