To Paint Pumpkins


     Hi there! Yesterday, we painted our pumpkins! It's the first real time Bailey's had the chance to participate in painting and carving pumpkins, and she loved it. Cat carved her pumpkin, and I opted to just paint ours, but we helped Cat separate the seeds from the goop and roasted those, which was another first! I still don't have a ton of love for the insides of pumpkins, but the seeds are delicious and Bailey had a blast.

       I went for this mudcloth design, but Bailey decided to go abstract, per the usual. I still think hers turned out the cutest.

     To get a clean, white base for the pumpkins, I just spray painted a couple first. I was going to do another mudcloth design on the larger pumpkin, but Bailey got to it with her brush first, so I just let her go to town on two instead of one!

     The finished trio! It was the ideal day to do this project, what with the weather being just perfect enough for Bailey to only wear a diaper and not ruin any clothes. She did manage to get a little paint in her hair though, but those are the hazards of toddlers and paint. Thanks for reading, and have a great day!