Weekly Moodboard, #9

     Hi guys! This weeks moodboard was strongly influenced by the blue marble tile featured below. I wish I could have just one piece of that tile to just sit and stare at. It's gorgeous. I think I am going to paint a canvas this weekend inspired by it. The colors and textures are everything I'm loving right now. Though, I did want to bring a little contrast in with some of the more subtle colors in the marble. Hence, the whites and pinks in the other images. If I could pick colors to describe my life, it would be these. I'd probably include a mustard tone somewhere too. Also, icons don't get much better than Brigitte Bardot. The hair, the eye make-up, and the irony that the hat and color of sweater she's wearing are completely on trend 60 years later. Gotta love style. Have a good weekend, everyone!