To Chop Some Dates


     Hi readers! I just wanted to share a quick and delicious chutney today. It's the perfect little addition to any savory dish. I used this on pork chops shortly after making it, and it was too good. Dates are always good with meats and cheeses. I've actually been wanting to cook with them for awhile, and once I got my food processor for Christmas, this was the first recipe on my list. I'm still trying to keep all of the recipes on here seasonal, and dates are good to go (thanks California)! I think keeping things seasonal also keeps them interesting. I am definitely longing for spring and summer though, so that the outdoor farmers market that is a block from our house, will open up again! They have it indoors during the winter, but it's just not the same. I will continue on though, with the seasons (see what I did there?), and keep my taste buds interested, with recipes like these. Winter is when you have to get creative, and that's my favorite part of cooking! So go ahead, make the chutney and get adventurous. You won't be sorry! Recipe below:


- 15 or so pitted dates, chopped

- a handful of cilantro

- a squeeze of lime juice

- 1/4 cup of olive oil


Step one - Place all ingredients in a food processor, and blend until dates are just slightly chunky. Pour into a jar or directly onto your dish. Enjoy!