To Think about Your Spring Wardrobe

My thrifted J. Crew low-heel pumps. I'm still not over them!

My thrifted J. Crew low-heel pumps. I'm still not over them!

     Spring is getting so close! All I can think about is light pastel colors, plants, and our Denver trip. I have a lot of time on my hands during the day, and I can't not do anything. I'm constantly planning, brainstorming, and making lists, basically just for fun. One of the subjects I've been thinking about a lot is my Spring Capsule Wardrobe. I talked about my current Capsule Wardrobe last fall, and since I purchased my 5 Fall/Winter items, I started planning my Spring items. My mind moves on pretty quickly to the next phase of most aspects of my life. For example, once we get back from Denver, I will probably start planning wherever we are going next. That's just how it goes, for me. Back to the point though, I have had my 5 Spring Items picked out for more than a month. I kept changing my mind on what trends or new essentials I wanted to incorporate once the weather warms up. After perusing a few trend articles on Who What Wear, I decided on what I would stick with. Since making the list, I have already purchased three of the items on the list. I wanted to get those off the list before going to Colorado, so that I can a) wear them in CO and b) purchase the last couple of items there. I like to go shopping with items in mind. It leads to better results, in terms of actually wearing the purchase and buying more quality items. Check out the list (with examples) below!

My 5 Spring Picks:

1. A pair of Crop-Flare Jeans! Update: I recently purchased a vintage pair of these from Etsy, coming soon to a Mom Style post near you!

2. Layering t-shirts/turtlenecks under dresses. (This is more of a styling trend than an actual item.)

3. Low-heel pumps. I already found some! (see above)

4. A box-shaped bag. I have purchased one of these as well, but haven't photographed it yet!

5. A Victorian-inspired blouse!

     I will do an updated post in April, including all of the items on this list, and a total Spring Capsule Checklist!