What We're Loving, #10

     Hi readers! So far, I have been pretty happy with my decision to cut down the What We're Loving posts to monthly instead of weekly. It's been a big relief to not have to force this post every week. I feel as though this post is more reflective of what we are actually loving. I'm very excited about the low-heel J.Crew pumps I thrifted a couple of weekends ago. They have a couple of scuff marks, but those are easily removed! Bailey's socks, below, are the real winners though. I can't get over them and I need a matching pair for mommy immediately. We've been eating fairly healthy over the last month, me with my trail mix and Bailey with pineapple. I bought a lot of it at once, and have been infusing it into all of her meals. As always, we are reading and making away. Have a happy Monday everyone!

Wearing: thrifted J. Crew low-heel pumps/the cutest socks ever, origin unknown.

Eating: Homemade trail mix/pineapple on everything.

Reading: Fun tarot cards/a classic.

Making: Exciting rope things/pretty scribbles with cool crayons from Nana and Grandpa!

Loving: A crystal I brought back from home/the best brush ever (thanks Santa)!