To Make a Chalkboard


     Hey there! This DIY is such a cute little piece of decor. It's a simple wood slab chalkboard, and is super versatile! At the moment, I'm using mine as a reminder to grab the essentials before leaving the house. You could also use it as a welcome sign, a "what's for dinner tonight" sign, or you can do a pretty design in chalk and make it an art piece. I may end up doing all three at some point, who knows!

     I love the rustic look to it. It's utilitarian, but also has personality. That's basically what I look for in all of my furnishings. I try not to have too much useless stuff, and I always make sure my functional pieces are pretty to look at. So far, Bailey hasn't messed with it, but I might let her play with it and some chalk once she's a little older! Every kid loves chalk and chalkboards. Get the how-to below!


- slab of wood (this one's from Target's craft section, but Hobby Lobby has them as well)

- chalkboard paint and paint brush

- chalk


Step one - Paint the inner circle of your slab, and let dry. Then go to town with your chalk! Have fun!