To Make a Gallery Wall


     Hi guys! I thought it would be fun today to give some guidelines and tips for putting together a simple gallery wall. It's less intimidating than it seems, I swear! The main thing to keep in mind when starting a gallery wall is make sure the collection you are displaying isn't too uniform. In my opinion, things that match can be a little boring. I always say that when it comes to clothes, decor, anything visual really, your pieces should "go" not "match". With a gallery wall, contrasting items keep the eye moving, keep the viewer interested. That's why too much uniformity seems boring to me. I move on very quickly if all of the pieces look the same.

     Once you have your pieces picked out, you can start the layout process. The photo above is of one of the gallery walls in Bailey's room! As you can see, I started with the large canvas in the middle. I like different sizes and display options in my arrangements. This is important to keep in mind when doing your layout, seeing as it might look a little redundant to have two framed photos side by side. I love using washi tape as well as another display option. Those are the ones I don't mind putting side by side because the washi tape isn't literally framing the pictures, and therefore can be arranged differently (and it's nice when you don't have to put a million holes in your walls). Like the wall above, you can also start with a center piece and work your way around it with smaller prints, or you could do only small prints. There are really endless options to play around with. I recommend sketching out a rough blueprint of your layout before doing any hanging, or you can do the tried and true method of taping out the shapes onto your wall first to get a to scale prototype of your wall.

     Below, I have featured some of my favorite gallery walls from Pinterest. Be sure to go follow the blog there as well! I love my Pins. :) Happy Monday!