An Update on Bailey's Room!


     Hi guys! I just wanted to do a little update today on how Bailey's room is coming along. We moved into our house back in July of 2015, and so far, her room is the most decorated. It's just too much fun to make things for her walls! Also, I can't help myself when I see something perfect for her room at Target. They know what they're doing. The "smile" garland featured above is from Target, as is her bookcase and bed. Her grandparents actually got her those, thanks Mom and Dad!

     I was very happy for her to finally have a bed. For awhile, her room looked like it needed something, and turns out it was a bed! Before, she had been sleeping on her mattress just on the floor, because that's how we had transitioned her out of co-sleeping and a crib. She was never into the crib at our house, but she didn't have a problem with the one at her grandmas. Most of the things on the bed were gifts. Her aunt sewed her the larger purple pillow, and her great aunt Susie made her the little cross-stitched tooth fairy pillow (she made them for my sisters and I as well when we were little). She also gave her the Candy Hello Kitty! I like to imagine Hello Kitty watches over Bailey while she sleeps and protects her. LOL. Lastly, her great grandma made her this quilt and many others, and Brett received the Emoji pillow from a secret Santa party!

     I loved putting together this gallery wall. I made everything except the Rifle Paper Co. print the the left that says "Life is Beautiful". I figured it, and the other words here were good reminders. The top left is my hand-drawn map of the U.S. that I drew and painted in the states that Bailey has traveled too. It's such a fun way to document her travels! The bottom right is just a small oil painting of fields of flowers, which you can't tell from this photo because the flowers are very tiny. Thanks for letting me share! I will be sharing more updates from our house as it (slowly) comes together. Happy Monday!