To Make Catchall's


     Hey readers! A great way to stay organized is by having many vessels to keep all of your stuff in. Catchall dishes are for the random little objects, like coins, bobby pins, and twist ties. They're really for anything that would get lost in a box or that you don't want to put away in plastic bags or things like that. They don't have a lid, so you can immediately see everything in the small dish. I have many of these and place them on trays, by the front door, or on bathroom counters. My favorite one is by the front door though, because it holds my lip balm, moisturizer, and extra hair ties. All of the last touches that I need before running out to work each day.

     Catchall's are very easy to make with my favorite air dry clay! That stuff is great for multiple projects, and I always have a tub on hand. You can also personalize these dishes very easily. Below, I've shown how to customize it with stamps, but also, pictured above, are two that I painted. One, I painted the inside with little brush strokes of my favorite colors. On the other, I painted the bottom a reflective gold that just peeks out. It's so subtle and pretty! It kind of reminds me of the beach or a large shell, for some reason. Anyway, go ahead and make yourself or a friend a few. They're a guaranteed success!

Materials Needed:

- air-dry clay

- a small bowl for molding

- a rolling pin

- acrylic paints, stamps, paint brushes, whatever you are going to decorate your dishes with


Step one - Roll out a lump of clay the size of a golf ball flat. Then shape on an upside down bowl to get a round shape.

Step two - Once shaped to your liking, do your stamping now! Let dry overnight and decorate accordingly.