To Make Bookends


     Hey guys! I know what you're thinking, another clay project? Yup! I can't get enough of the stuff! You can make so many things with it and it's so inexpensive. A tub of Crayola Air Dry Clay is only $6 at Hobby Lobby, and lasts for months. The situation with this project is that Brett has a small collection of books (it definitely does not warrant it's own bookcase) and I wanted to display them in a way that wasn't just a pile. I figured minimal bookends were the perfect solution!

     Brett doesn't like anything flashy, and he likes color, but I just didn't see bright orange bookends fitting in with our aesthetic. Simple, white, and angular are the perfect adjectives to describe ideal bookends. Since there are only about 6 books, and all are paperbacks, I didn't feel the need to make these large or weighted. The books just needed to stand up. I kept the edges unfinished because I didn't want them to look too polished. I like the roughness of them, they look more natural. See below for instructions!


- air dry clay

- white acrylic paint and brush

- rolling pin

- wire to cut the clay with


Step one - Pull a golf ball sized ball of clay out of the tub and roll it flat with your rolling pin.

Step two - Slice the sides of the strip of clay with your wire to create a long rectangle shape.

Step three - Turn the strip on it's side and bend to a 90 degree angle and repeat with a second ball of clay to create a set. Leave these on their side to dry overnight.

Step four - Paint white once dry and you're done! Feel free to add a gloss if you'd like!