To Eat Clean


     Hey there! I've been contemplating a clean eating post for awhile, mostly because I always find those types of posts inspiring for my own clean eating agenda. For me, my experience with clean eating really started when I did my first Whole30. Doing a program like that is great way to force yourself into eating clean because you don't have the option to eat anything but. However, the Whole30 is slightly extreme and doesn't necessarily represent truly eating clean to me. Clean eating is about eating a fresh and un-processed diet. It's more of a lifestyle choice, in that it's fluid. You don't have to restrict yourself, like with the Whole30. A meal can still be healthy if there is a slice of cheese in it, which is forbidden in Whole30, as long as the components of that meal have great nutritional value.

     Post Whole30, it was a relief to just focus on eating clean. I love cooking, and that is a big part of clean eating. The more you cook for yourself, the less you go out to eat and in turn eat less heavily processed foods. Also, once I became a mother, I really threw myself into cooking, because I wanted to be able to make good meals for Bailey, just like my mom had. Of course, I still eat out maybe once a week, but it's never at a fast food place and at worst I have a delicious burger, which there is still nutritional value in. I haven't eaten McDonald's in over two years. That was a big part of my transition into adulthood, I had to learn to value what I eat more.

Here are some tips to help you get started on your own clean eating adventure:

  • Start off by hitting the grocery store! I always begin in the produce section and work my way around, ending with the middle aisles.
  • Remember, you don't have to give up everything you love eating. Just eat less of the bad things and more of the good things!
  • Know the facts on your personal nutrition, like what vitamins and nutrients can help you if you're stressed or bloated. Knowing that healthy foods can make you feel better is big motivation.
  • When eating out, make a decision ahead of time on if you are going to indulge. You'll feel less pressure to choose quickly.
  • Check out Pinterest if you are in need of a way to make veggies more appealing. There are endless ways to cook them and cater them to your own taste.
  • Plan out your meals for the week ahead of time. It's easier to eat healthy if you aren't randomly choosing a meal.