Bailey, Lately


     Hi readers! So I know this picture is pretty blurry, but this whole scenario was too cute to not share. Bailey just kept hiding under the hat and then whipping it off, like we couldn't see her entire body the whole time. I love those playful moments with her! She is always growing and changing, but one thing that hasn't changed is her playfulness. More on what Bailey is doing lately below!


  • Bailey has started saying a few more words, like "I sorry", "Please", "Thank you", and "Watch George" (she really likes Curious George).
  • She has also been saying "Stuck" quite a bit, due to her constantly trying to put her own pants on. They get stuck because she puts both legs in one leg hole. LOL
  • She has had the chance to walk around in the snow! Last year she wasn't walking yet during the winter. She wasn't super interested this time either.
  • Bailey has started to recognize herself. We framed one of her birth announcements and every time she sees it, she smiles and says "It's you" and I say "It's you" and she goes "Nooo". So she recognizes herself but is in denial!
  • Her hair has finally started to grow on the sides! The mullet is fading!
  • She has started lining up all of her stuffed animals on her bed. What little kid didn't do that?
  • Bailey and I are signed up for swim classes! Wish us luck!!