To Go to the Movies

VSCO Cam-3.jpg

     Hi all! A couple of weeks ago, we hired a babysitter (for the first time, ever) and went to the movies with Brett's family. While Bailey is a wonderful toddler, she's still not ready to keep quiet in a dark movie theater for two hours. It would be torturous for all parties involved, including Bailey. The sitter was so sweet and nice, and Bailey loved her. It was an overall great first experience, aside from my unshakable and never ending mommy worries. Those can't be helped and will never go away, but I am happy to report that they are easy to subdue. I can still be happy and function normally without being crippled by all of my fears. All you have to do is tell yourself that #1, the chance of anything happening out of the ordinary is very low (be rational here) and #2, if something does happen, you, being the mommy, will be the first to know, and can swoop in easily.

     Reminding myself of these things keeps me sane and lets me enjoy what I'm doing in the moment. No need to worry until there is a need to worry. The point of this rant though, is that we went out! It was still unseasonably warm, and looking at these photos is making me wish I could wear something like that right now without freezing my bum off. I could wear this, but I would have to add an outer layer, and at this point in the season, that's depressing. However, I thought I should go ahead and share my version of a casual date night outfit, even if it's technically more appropriate for fall and spring temps. I love my hat, cardigan, and shoe combo. I wear them like this most of the time. Of course, I had to bring my huge tote for candy stowing purposes. Again, I really wish I could be wearing this right now. Time to go put 15 layers on just to walk to my car. Happy winter everyone!

Wearing: BDG Cardigan (no longer available, similar here), H&M Shirt (no longer available, similar here), Old Navy Jeans, Asos Flats (no longer available, similar here), Street Level Tote (no longer available, similar here), Target Hat