To Make a Throw Pillow


     Hi readers! I've got a great and cheap DIY for your Sunday. To start off, I'll explain my situation to you. When we moved into our little house last summer, we discarded our old couches and bought nicer ones from Craigslist. It was awesome! I hated our old couches and they were torn in a couple of places, it was time to move on. However, our new set included the pillows the owner didn't want anymore. Now, while Brett, always the pragmatic one, was fine with the new pillows, I was not. Two of them are a brown suede that matches the couches, and that's o.k.! They are soft and aren't horrible to look at. However, there was a third accent pillow that was floral, plaid, and brown-toned. All in one pillow. That's real, folks. Obviously, I had to come up with something to replace or cover it. Any replacement was too costly for what some people thought was a "perfectly fine pillow" (insert roll eyed emoji here). The covers, though, weren't too bad at all. Then, once I decided I didn't like any of the prints offered at the low price of $5.99, I realized I can just paint it! Most of the prints I had my eye on were minimalist anyways, so it all became clear that I should just DIY it. I'm not a sewer either, so picking out a fabric and sewing a cover was out. Luckily, I already had acrylic paint, and I picked up the cover at Hobby Lobby, so I was good to go.

     I highly recommend this project, especially if you are stuck with finding the perfect print like I was. This was very easy to do, and only took a few minutes (drying time not included). I've been talking about this pillow for days now, it's made me so happy. Amazing, what one little change can do for your psyche. Overall, and mostly because of the pillow, I am very happy with how our living room is starting to turn out. Please do this DIY, the decorator in you will be eternally grateful!


- canvas pillow cover (this one's from Hobby Lobby)

- acrylic paint

- a sponge to cut into a stamp, or any stamp you want to use!


Step one - Cut out your shape from your sponge. I am all about the triangles and geometric shape right now.

Step two - Dip your stamp in your paint, and press onto the cover. Do any pattern you like! I did a symmetrical approach to add a clean touch to the sometimes uneven triangles. Yes, with a sponge stamp, the triangles look a little rough, but I think it gives the pillow a more laid back look than if every triangle were identical and perfect.

Step three - Let dry completely, and stuff your pillow in. Voila, happiness in pillow form! (Very real, people)