To Make an Advent Calendar

     Hi guys! To start off December, I figured the most appropriate thing was to start a countdown to Christmas! What better way than with an advent calendar, made of felt and twine. It's no-sew and very easy, all you need is the felt, glue and twine! For filling the little pockets, I decided to forgo the little piece of chocolate or candy everyday since neither Bailey, nor I, need any extra chocolate in our lives. Growing up, my sisters and I would each get one of the advent calendars from the grocery store that had a little piece of chocolate hidden for each date. While I loved this (and would still love it today ;)) it doesn't really seem like I'm setting a good example for Bailey. Especially since, at the moment, she's loving counting and learning her numbers. I figured this is the perfect opportunity to capitalize on that! Instead of using candy to fill the little pockets with, I simply stamped each date on a paper rectangle and placed each one in a pocket so that it sticks out a little. This way, every day we can go to the calendar and pull out that days date, then practice counting leading up to that date. I think it will be fun for her, and who knows, maybe in the future I'll indulge her in the chocolate ones, but for right now, it's perfect.

Materials needed:

- 4 pieces of felt, one large and three small

- felt glue

- twine

- scissors

- stamps, ink, paper (all optional)

First: Cut out 25 squares of your chosen color to make the pockets and glue to largest piece of felt. The mountains at the bottom are optional, I just liked the winter feel to them.

Next: Decorate however you see fit! I made little red dots to place all over, but you could cutout individual numbers, stars, or Christmas trees. All are great options!

Then: Fill your pockets with whatever you choose! As mentioned above, I'm doing numbers to go along with Bailey's counting obsession.

Last: Attach some twine to the back with glue and once dry, hang where you please! Happy crafting!