To Talk About Sweaters


     I love sweaters. There, I said it. Most people probably don't care, but as I've said before, it is very important that I recognize and pay attention to anything that makes me happy. Now, why sweaters? They're usually large and thick, mostly just there to be functional, i.e. usually not very flattering or nice to look at. While I enjoy the layer of warmth they contribute, my favorite quality in sweaters is that they make you look warm. Not physically warm, but warm in the sense that you are cozy and comfortable. You could say they give off cozy vibes. That's what I'm all about, the feeling that a sweater, or any piece of clothing, can give you. You get excited to see it hanging in your closet, you actually plan your outfits around it, it just makes you happy. That's what sweaters are for me. For others, it could be flare jeans or chic black blazers. Ankle boots also make me smile, but that's another ode for another time. I would include sweaters from the web that I have my eye on, but I already have WAY too many sweaters, so I try not to shop for them. I just can't encourage that kind of behavior. :) Thanks for listening to me gush about sweaters. Happy Wednesday!