To Make Pomegranate Cups


     Attempting to make candy has always been on my cooking skills to-do list. I also have been trying to eat seasonally. Enter: dark chocolate pomegranate cups! These helped me check off the candy from my list, and stayed within my clean eating, seasonal food philosophy. They are delicious, to top it off. Although, I've never tried anything covered in dark chocolate that wasn't amazing, so that was expected. Any candy making process has always been a little intimidating to me, mostly because of my lack of experience with it. This one in particular was only a little scary, because of its specific instructions that the pomegranate arils had to be completely dry. The chocolate wouldn't adhere properly if there was a speck of moisture. It turned out to be an exaggeration, in that after patting the arils dry a few times, they were perfectly fine. I didn't end up needing to leave them out to dry for hours like suggested, thank god! I don't have time for that, and I don't know anyone else who has time for that either. Thankfully, everything went fine and the chocolate hardened perfectly. Bailey ended up loving these as well, so I split one with her anytime I have one. It is adorable to see her face covered in chocolate! :) See the recipe below, and don't be afraid of ending up with your face covered in chocolate too. These are so worth it.

Ingredients: yields 6 regular cups

- 6 cupcake liners

- 1 cup of dark chocolate chips

- half a pomegranate


Step one: Halve your pomegranate half and soak in room temp. water for about 5 minutes. Once soaked, break apart pomegranate in the water and remove every part except for the arils. Drain the arils with a colander and pat dry until dry to the touch.

Step two: Melt chocolate in a double boiler over medium high heat until smooth. Spoon chocolate into cupcake liners, one at a time. Add arils to cups and then top with more chocolate. Let set and harden in the fridge for about 30 minutes. Enjoy!