To Consider a Trench Coat


     Trench coats have long been viewed as a classic piece of outerwear. It being winter and therefore coat season, I figured a nice little post on this timeless item was due. The first trench coats started popping up in the 1850's, so I think they definitely qualify as classic. Many consider them a basic essential for any wardrobe. If I recall correctly, my Dad kept one in our coat closet, only to be brought out when it rains. Practical, of course. I bought my first one about 4 years ago from a vintage/second hand shop in Columbia. It's a neutral khaki cotton that is very similar to a high end Burberry, at least in look. I still have it, but I've worn it so much over the years that a couple of buttons need replacing and tightening. Ya, it definitely needs repairs.

     My favorite thing about trench coats, is that they can be dressed up, dressed down, and when in the khaki color, can been worn with pretty much anything (see above). They instantly make outfits look a little bit nicer and more put together. This is why I was in desperate need of a new one. I didn't want the same old basic one though, because it really only needs a couple of tweaks and will be up and running again. I guess I was really more in need of a new style of trench coat. Enter: the recently revived, 70's style suede (see below). In my efforts to start avoiding fast fashion (H&M, Forever 21) I quickly realized anything new was out of my price range, because, suede. Then, I looked to vintage, and found a couple of great options on Etsy. However, I tend to get lazy and let my online shopping wishlists run a muck. I kept putting off ordering one because I wanted the perfect one! I finally found it at a Salvation Army in Columbia, for a rock bottom price. It is from a Boston coat company that looks, from their label, like their at least 40 years old. My favorite part of this vintage find though, is that it's made in the USA. After reading about the importance of supporting American-made clothing, I've been trying to do just that. Also, this coat has a beautiful rust color to it that is starting to become a neutral in my wardrobe. This is a trend I can definitely get behind! 

All street style images found on Pinterest.