What We're Loving, #3

     Hi guys! This weekend was a little hectic, with all of the shoots for this blog here, and usual weekend stuff, but also, Brett got his wisdom teeth out Thursday, so that's been fun too. It really wasn't too bad of a weekend, Bailey and I still had fun playing all weekend and letting Daddy rest. :) What We're Loving this week is probably one of my favorite ones yet! It's getting a bit easier to curate our favorite things throughout the week, which is why I think I'm enjoying myself. I already finished the Book of the Month and it was amazing. The review and discussion will come at the end of the month, but I'm itching to talk about it now! Luckily my mom read it too, so I'm hoping to discuss it soon with her, hi Mom! But I digress, the book in this post is really great too, I read it in a couple of days. Check out everything else we're interested in this week below!

What We're....

Wearing: My cat-eye shades from Target/An adorable jumpsuit, couldn't be cuter!

Reading: A novel I picked up at the Salvation Army, so good!/An appropriate book, considering the weather.

Eating: Salt and Vinegar Kettle Chips/Cheese, all the cheese.

Making: Anything involving my stamp collection/Messes, and then attempting to clean them up herself!

Loving: My little copper friends (a failed attempt at mini candles)/Anything involving her shoes.