To Play Together

     Hello Readers! Today I thought I'd share a little bit of what Bailey, my toddler, and I like to do when I'm off from work and on the weekends. Really, it's just a lot of playing and goofing around. She loves to be chased and then caught. Going to the park and exploring it is her favorite way to get out of the house. She also loves the grocery store, making messes, and stomping her little feet just to hear the sound. We spend a lot of our days together coloring, eating, singing songs, and pushing her little lawn mower around. I'm pretty sure bath time is the highlight of her day and when I ask the question "bath?" she immediately runs to her bathroom, ready to climb into the tub.

     A couple of weekends back, we visited the family Lake House and Bailey got to experience her first painting party! Her grandma had a little canvas for her and everything. It couldn't have been more adorable. This activity will definitely become a mini project of ours. I'm envisioning a gallery wall in Bailey's room filled with her own square canvas abstracts. See all of the cuteness below!

All photos taken by Kristen Williams. Thanks girl!