To Browse Etsy

     Elsie from A Beautiful Mess posted her 10 favorite home things to shop for on Etsy a couple of months back, and it was such an inspiring post. I figured, hey, it might help me to sift through my Favorites list and narrow down what I actually "need" and would genuinely love to own. While Etsy's vintage category is amazing, it would be it's own post in itself. And don't worry, that post will come, but today's list is more about the fun handmade things. Let's get started!


1. These Hanging Planters - I love the choice of colors and minimal look of simple string as opposed to macrame. Don't get me wrong, I love macrame, but in this situation, I'm looking to hang multiple planters in a group and in my space, a few of the chunkier ones would be too much. (Note: Hanging planters are an amazing option to keep plants around while living with kids, they can't reach!)


2. This Mama Bird T - So so so sweet, and there's a matching Baby Bird one too! The design is much more preferable than loud, crazily printed mommy-daughter outfits, as far as my taste goes. Also, what mom doesn't love a subtle claim on their baby?


3. These Marble Bowls - Marble is having a big moment in everything from nail appliques to phone cases, and I have happily jumped on the band wagon. There's something so classic about the marble look, and it adds an organic, exciting feel to something that otherwise would be basic.

4. This Copper/Leather Air Plant Holder - Copper and Rose Gold is another material that I can't get enough of. It's been this way for a few months now and I'm not sure if my copper obsession will ever go away at this point. Also, copper looks great with marble. (Sigh) Air plants are an easy way to start bringing plants into any room and are very simple to take care of. This air plant holder would look so pretty in our dining nook or in our office.

5. This Apron - Mustard is probably my most used color at the moment, in clothing and crafts. This linen apron looks so simple and beautiful, which is definitely what I'm looking for in cooking accessories right now! I'm the epitome of an amateur in the kitchen, but I see no problem in having everything around me look nice while being said amateur. :)

6. This Twine - Knot and Bow is one of my very favorite shops on Etsy. The products are sold in a couple of cool stores around Columbia, but the Etsy store has basically everything a crafter/balloon enthusiast could need. Twine is one of my most used products and Knot and Bow's is top notch.

7. These Cacti - This is always a surprising one, and it does feel strange buying any sort of plant online, but living in an area of the country where cacti is not naturally occurring, you have to do what you can! I love the look of cacti, and plan on putting them anywhere that Bailey can't get a hold of them.

8. This Print - I first saw Mary Kate McDevitt's work in this book, and immediately had to find a way to purchase something of hers! Luckily, she has an Etsy shop full of cheeky prints about coffee and quotes.


9. This Book - So cool! As far as children's books go, this ones aesthetic almost takes me back to books from the early nineties. It's so different from other children's books, I can't wait to read it to Bailey!

10. This Bag - I usually don't go for printed bags, unless it's a cute tote. However, this perfect peach color and minimalist print has me rethinking things. I've been so into peach lately, I think I might turn into an actual peach. The London Tierney shop is full of awesome accessories that add a bit more interest to a look.

All images are from Etsy. Be sure to follow my profile and check out more of whats to love!